When Karkat woke up from his drug induced stupor, he immediately lifted his new hand up and stared at it. “Okay,” he mumbled, to himself. “That’s pretty badass and at least it isn’t a musclebeast hoof.”

perniciouslizard wrote some karkat/equius for me for the rarepair swap that happened a while ago and karkat got a robot hand and it was literally the coolest thing that could have happened.

i guess all i needed to actually spend time on a drawing was lesbians


“When a stargirl cries, she sheds not tears but light.” 
― Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

after getting blown up vriska hides on a planet with feferi while the government thinks she's dead
Hannah: imagine vriska bedazzling her robot limbs
Hannah: its FASHION
Stephanie: feferi gets a bedazzler its a lowblood thing and vriskas like
Stephanie: holy shit
Stephanie: spends all week doing and redoing her robot bits
Stephanie: feferis like lets do your forehead now
Stephanie: they bedazzle aLL OF VRISKA
Stephanie: then they skype sollux
Stephanie: sollux is like why the fuck would you put vriska on cam do you know who could fucking see this
Stephanie: feferis like yeah but look
Hannah: vriska bedazzles every single thing she owns
Hannah: feferi leaves and vriska bedazzles literally the whole cave, you cannot go in without being a little bit blinded, when feferi comes back she is torn between horror and pride


je t’anime

kimmity replied to your post“kimmity replied to your post“eridan its 3 am you need to stop crying…”
the funniest part is that hes sobbing so loudly that it can be heard over radioactive being played at like the highest volume
hes doing it on purpose
kimmity replied to your post“eridan its 3 am you need to stop crying loudly”
sometimes hes so inconsiderate that he blasts music from his room so that people cant hear him cry
eridan its 3 am please stop being THE LITERAL WORST
eridan it’s 3 am stop blasting “We Found Love” by Rihanna

eridan its 3 am for gods sake please get off the floor